How To Install UnrealIRCD 4.0.11

tar xfz unrealircd-4.0.11.tar.gz
rm -rf unrealircd-4.0.11.tar.gz
cd unrealircd-4.0.11

Hit ENTER untill you reach 100%
Than chose where would you like to install UnrealIRCD

In this case, I already have 4.0.10 installed

If you have previously installed UnrealIRCd on this shell then you can specify a
directory here so I can import the build settings and third party modules
to make your life a little easier.
Found previous installation in: ../unrealircd-4.0.10.
You can enter a different path or type 'none' if you don't want to use it.
Just press Enter to accept the default settings.

In what directory do you want to install UnrealIRCd?
(Note: UnrealIRCd 4 will need to be installed somewhere.
If this directory does not exist it will be created.)
[/home/USER/unrealircd] -> /home/YourUSER/unrealircd

and continue to answer the questions as you desire ...
make install

After it does install, make sure you change to the /home/USERNAME/unrealircd directory!

cp doc/example.conf unrealircd.conf and start configuring your unrealircd.conf file or

./unrealircd start (to start your UnrealIRCd)